The way to see New Zealand Birds

December 15, 2015

Birding with foris eco-tours is all about you. We specialize in helping our clients find the birds they can't.


A great example is the bird below.


The bird below is a blue duck or whio. These birds are rather rare peculiar ducks with extraordinary adaptions. Their preferred habitat is fast flowing, clean, back country stream and rivers often with a territory up to 5km long! They have a peculiar fleshy appendage on their bill to help gather invertebrates of the rocks and large flippers to give them the necessary horsepower in swift flowing currents. Not to mention a slate grey colur that blends in to their surroundings. 



Blue duck or whio demonstrating its fabulous camoflage.


We got a call from some lovely Australian birders who had been to 30 sites to find a whio without success. But having spent a lot of time in the field we know where a pair were likely to be hanging out. A wee drive and sneak later we found a lovely pair with 5 ducklings! Good bird, Great view!


Needless to say we finished the day with happy birders.

 Mum and five ducklings.


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